La Shed Continues to Grow

We wanted to show you the hard work that we have put in since the start of our lovely venture.  

Here are some before pictures showing what a great space we have to work in.  We have Wayne and Martina to thank for some serious deep cleaning!


Take a look at our paint store now. The shelves were created using old pallets giving us space and getting us organised.


This is our work bench also created out of pallets.  A perfect area for us to be creative in!


And here is “La Salle d’Attente” (The Waiting Room) with all our pre-loved pieces waiting for us to be creative with!


Look what a little bit of imagination and a box of dye can achieve.  The couch looks brand new adorned with Amanda’s hand crafted cushions.



The workshop
087 (Small)
La salle d'attente (small)
The shop floor
The paint store
091 (Small)
La salle d'attente 1 (Small)
IMG_8299 (Small)

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